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Denise Krause for Jackson County Commissioner

Integrity. Experience. Leadership. Team-building.

Born in the Pacific Northwest with four generations of Oregon roots, adopted and raised by a conservative family in a small Kansas farming community, reconnected with bio-logical family out West in her twenties, forged a career in public health in Mississippi, survived breast cancer, returned to live in Southern Oregon in 2017, became politically active, and recently celebrated 32 years of continuous sobriety.


Dr. Denise Krause has a PhD in preventive medicine and 25 years of experience in health care and state government, including managing a large organization and budgets. Retired, but now a small business owner and a small family farmer, along with being a lifelong advocate for health equity, animal welfare, and social and environmental justice, Denise heads a family of three dogs, two cats, five sheep, five chickens, and a teenager.

Denise believes in fairness and respect. She is a listener who values differences of opinions and finds common ground. An accomplished team-builder who brings people together, Denise will represent ALL of the people of Jackson County. She brings the skills and life experiences that Jackson County needs at this critical moment.


My priorities for Jackson County

  • Bringing a new culture of kindness, respect, and professionalism in county leadership

  • Collaborating with the community in developing a strategy to address the needs for a new jail, mental health, and addiction services

  • Collaborating with the community in planning, designing, and building a new animal shelter

  • Improving strategies for fire prevention, emergency preparedness, evacuation coordination

  •  Holding at least one town hall meeting in each municipality every year

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