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Public Transit is KEY to Addressing
the Climate and Housing Crises

Hello friends,

I am running for Rogue Valley Transportation District Board (RVTD). The election is coming up soon – May 16th! I am one of three running for Position 1. Both of my opponents are running for multiple boards, hoping that something – anything – will stick. I am running only for RVTD because I am interested in transportation. I am a big supporter of RVTD and of public transportation, in general. I recently completed the Transportation Leadership Training Program hosted by the Rogue Action Center and sponsored by the Clean and Just Transportation Network. I have also recently completed the exceptional training offered by Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN), and the community service requirements, to be a Certified Master Climate Protector. In addition, I serve on RVTD’s Budget Committee.

These May elections are so important. They include local positions that have a major impact on our way of life. There are ballot measures, school board elections, library board elections, and, of course, RVTD. Unfortunately, many people don’t exercise their right to vote in these “special” elections. Those who do vote, decide.

We can win! All we need to do is vote – all the way down the ballot – and mail the ballot in. And then remind your friends to do the same. Let’s elect local leaders we can trust to represent us and work for us. I would be honored to serve.

Please vote for me, Denise Krause, for RVTD.



What are my priorities if elected to the RVTD Board?


I assure you I won’t simply be taking up a seat. I’ll get busy.

I will guide the District to:

  • Increase bus ridership by piloting on-demand transit service and promoting a positive culture powered by public awareness campaigns, while prioritizing ridership safety. Increasing demand will lead to expanding hours and days of operation.

  • Bring back on-demand shuttle services, such as the Ashland Connector, which was invaluable for keeping seniors connected, engaged, and able to access services, while maintaining independence.

  • Transition buses to clean renewable technologies, staying abreast of advancing technologies and doing the research to know when and how to move forward.

  • Establish a labor pipeline with Rogue Community College to help alleviate staff shortages.

  • Conduct a feasibility study for an express bus or commuter rail transit system from Ashland to Grants Pass, to help connect our communities, reduce vehicles on the road, and open up possibilities for economic development, and easy commuting.


As a leader in executive management and retired professor with 25-years in state government and a focus on improving access to care and services, I have acquired experience and skills that I am eager to use for public good. With experience leading a large organization, bringing in funding, and managing multi-million-dollar budgets, I am a problem-solver who brings energy, creativity, research skills, and the ability to work productively on complex issues for positive results.

I currently serve on the Budget Committee of the Rogue Valley Transportation District and recently completed the Transportation Leadership Training Program hosted by Rogue Action Center, sponsored by the Clean and Just Transportation Network. I completed the intensive, 30-hour Master Climate Protector course and the service hours required to become a Certified Master Climate Protector. I will continue to put in the time and effort to re-certify as a Certified Master Climate Protector each year.

During my recent run for Jackson County Commissioner, I had the opportunity to meet with so many wonderful people doing exceptional work throughout Jackson County. I toured facilities, talked with people in all kinds of organizations, and learned so much about what is being done here. The experience greatly expanded my understanding of how things work in Jackson County. I couldn’t help but become more and more excited as I realized the potential of what we can accomplish when we work together. I am hopeful about our shared future.


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